Titanium Microflx Head Cutters
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Titanium Microflx Head Cutters

Vendor: Remington
SKU: P595-81623

Product Type: Styling Needs

Restore your shaver to peak performance with this 360 Pivot & Flex Replacement Head. Featuring all the technological advancements of our shavers the replacement has full floating heads dual-track cutters and long-lasting titanium-coated blades which combine to improve glide across your skin and create an exceptionally close shave. The one-piece click-in design makes replacing the head a snap. Thanks to the clever open design debris falls away from cutters and makes for easier cleaning. Cutters for Titanium Microflex Shavers: R-830 R-835 R-842 R-843 R-845 R-850 R-956 R-860 R-870 R-872 R-875 R-890 R-950 R-960 and R-970. Titanium-coated blades. " Dual Track cutters.Quickly and easily clicks into shaver. Washable Head. Premium Chrome finish.